Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Chillr?
    Chillr is a mobile payment app that allows you to send money instantly to anyone in your phone book.
  • How to get started?
    To start using Chillr, all you need is a smart phone and a bank account. Chillr is available on Android and iOS platforms.
  • What do you mean by a Chillr 'Partner Bank'?
    Banks which are integrated with Chillr have been referred to as 'Chillr Partner Banks'. Users connected to Chillr using a 'Partner Bank' account will be able to use the full set of features provided by Chillr. You can find the list of partner banks here.
  • What if my bank is not yet a Chillr Partner Bank?
    Presently non partner bank Chillr users can only request money and recieve payments from other users that are connected with Partner Bank accounts. Stick around for more action to come as we partner with more banks!
  • Does Chillr work with all banks in India?
    Chillr works with all banks that have IMPS enabled. However, customers of every bank in India will be able to receive payments via Chillr. You can find the list of partner banks here.
  • Do I have to transfer money from my bank account into some wallet?
    No, there are no virtual wallets here. Chillr lets you make transactions directly from your bank account. So, along with convinience, you can rest assured that your money is safe in your bank. Also, with more money in your bank account, you will gain more interest from your bank.
  • Can I transfer money to an account in another bank?
    Yes you can transfer money to an account in another bank. To do so go to the "PAY" option on the homescreen, and click the "Others" tab. Select the option of entering the user's Account Number and IFSC code and send money to them instantly.
  • Do I need a specific mobile service provider?
    Chillr works with every mobile service provider. All you need is a working internet connection on your smartphone.(2G/EGDE/3G/HSPA/Wi-Fi)
  • Is Chillr free?
    Sending money through Chillr will ALWAYS be FREE. However we may charge users for receiving payments beyond the monthly free limit of 50 from 30th April,2017. (Please Note: Your Bank may levy standard IMPS charges for transactions made on Chillr. You can find the bank charges here.)
  • How do I get Chillr?
    You can download Chillr here.
  • How fast is Chillr?
    Chillr is the fastest way you can send money between bank accounts in India. Select the friend you want to pay, authorize the payment using your M-PIN and the money should reach your friends account INSTANTLY.
  • How do I send money using Chillr?
    Sending money using Chillr is very easy. Select your friend from Chillr Contacts, enter the amount and remarks, authorize the transaction using your M-PIN and the money reaches your friend's bank account in a few seconds.
  • Can I send an invite to my friend to download Chillr?
    Yes, you can invite your friends to download Chillr via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc. from within the app.
  • Can I transfer money to someone who doesn't have Chillr?
    Yes, isn't that awesome?! As long as your friend has a bank account, Chillr can help you send money in a few seconds.
  • Can I send money to someone even if I don't have their mobile number?
    Yes, we let you do fund transfers the old school way too, so that you can send money to friends who are not ready for Chillr yet. To do so, go to the SEND option on the homescreen. Select "Add Beneficiary" on the "Non-Chillr" tab - Enter the user's account number and IFSC Code- Confirm the details and send money to them instantly.
  • What happens when I scan the QR Code at a merchant store?
    You will be prompted with the description of the item and the amount to be paid to the merchant on your Chillr app. You can then input your M-PIN to complete the payment.
  • What is MMID ?
    Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a 7 digit number issued by a bank against an account linked to a mobile number. Remitter (customer who wants to send money) and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive money) should have this MMID for sending and receiving money on Chillr. Please find the process to generate MMId for your bank here.
  • What is Scan and Pay?
    The Scan and Pay feature enables you to pay online and retail merchants by scanning the QR Code or entering 4 digit alpha code that is presented by the merchant, an invoice is generated on your phone, which needs to be confirmed and authorised , using your MPIN.
  • What is collect?
    Collect is a feature that enables you to request money from your friends by generating the QR Code or 4 digit alpha code. The sender can send money by scanning the QR code or by entering the 4 digit code.
  • What is timeline?
    Payments go social for the first time in India. Timeline lets you share fun aspects of your payment with your friends and lets you view what your friends are upto on Chillr. Whenever you make a transaction on Chillr, you can set it to either “Friends” or “Private”. Transaction set to “Friends” reflect on timeline.
  • How can I request money from a friend on my contact list?
    Collect feature enables you to request money from your friends who is in chillr by selecting their contact from the list.
  • How can I invite my friends to chillr?
    To invite your friends, use invite option in your home screen, invite your friends to download Chillr via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc. from the app.
  • Where can I find my referral code?
    Referral code can be found within the invite option in your home screen. Share your referral code with friends, ask them to use it while registration and earn exciting prizes from chillr.
  • How can I see my account balance?
    Account balance is available in your home screen. Click on the bank name in homescreen and you will be able to view your account balance.
  • How to set my own transaction limits?
    To set transaction limit, go to settings and you can find Set transaction limit option.
  • How to set an application lock?
    For application lock you need to verify your email id first. once done, please follow below steps
    1. Go to settings option
    2. Click on "Application lock" in the "Security" section
    3. Set a "password" or "pattern lock" to secure your Chillr login
  • How to link multiple accounts ?
    To link multiple account, there are two ways :
    1. Select bank card from homescreen
      Swipe left
      Select option : Add account
      Select your bank account and complete procedure
    2. Go to setting
      Select option : Manage accounts
      Select option : Add account
      Select your bank account and complete procedure
  • Can you send money from one account to another account ?
    Yes, you can send from your primary account any other account in the app using Send option.You can find your secondary accounts above all contacts under the tab My Accounts , select the account and complete transaction.
  • How to switch from one account to other ?
    To switch from one account to another , there are two ways :
    1. Select bank card from homescreen
      Choose your bank and Set the account as primary
    2. Go to setting
      Select option : Manage accounts
      Choose your bank and Set the account as primary
  • In which account will I receive cashback in ?
    You can send/receive money using your primary account only.
  • Can I link two accounts with different mobile no.s ?
    No, you can only add multiple accounts with the same bank registered phone number.
  • How many accounts can we add?
    Currently we can add 3 accounts.One primary and two secondary account.
  • What transactions can be claimed for refund?
    Only transactions done on Utilities section of Chillr can be claimed for refund where there is a denial of service for the amount transacted.Utility payments failing due to wrong user input are not eligible for refund.
  • Recharge transaction successful but no recharge?
    Sometimes recharges take long due to operator issues. If your recharge/refund doesn't happen within an hour from the time of transaction, please drop in a mail to
  • Recharge transaction failed but amount got debited from account?
    Your money will be auto-refunded within 5-7 working days. In case of delay, please drop in a mail to
  • How to request a refund?
    You can reach out to us at with your mobile number and transaction ref number.
  • How long will it take for my refund to be processed?
    Chillr is committed to process all refunds within 5-7 working Days.
  • I entered a wrong number to recharge, Can I get a refund?
    None of the operators currently provide the facility of wrong recharge reversal and so we'll be unable to help here.
  • Can I cancel a recharge?
    None of the operators currently provide the facility of wrong recharge reversal and so we'll be unable to help here.
  • How safe is Chillr?
    Every transaction done via Chillr requires an M-PIN which is known only to you. We trust that you do not share this PIN with anyone else or leave it in accessible places. All communication between Chillr and the bank happens in a channel secured by HTTPS.
  • What if I forget my MPIN?
    In case you forget your MPIN, regenerate it using the MPIN generate procedure for your bank as described on
  • What if I lose my phone?
    Thanks to 2-factor authentication, even if you lose your phone, another person would not be able to make transactions through Chillr without knowing your M-PIN.
  • What if I change my mobile number?
    When you change your mobile number you are also expected to inform the bank about the new number to receive SMS alerts for every transaction. After you have updated your phone number, you can generate your new MMID and re-connect on Chillr with your new mobile number.
  • What if I change my mobile handset?
    Don't worry. All you need to do is download Chillr on your new mobile handset and register with the same account. On successful registration the previous phone will lose access.
  • Does my bank know about chillr?
    We are partnering with many banks to enable Chillr for their customers. To get a list of our partner banks please visit this page.
  • How will I know if the money has been paid?
    You will instantly receive the notification from Chillr. You can see the payment in your transaction history. Your bank will notify you as well via SMS, as necessary.
  • How can I trust the merchant with the payment?
    In case of a retail merchant, since it is a face to face transaction, the merchant will hand over the goods once he receives the payment. You will get a notification from Chillr incase of a successful transaction. The merchant too will receive an instant notification. For online merchants, Chillr will does due diligence and back ground check on the merchant before offering Chillr as a payment option. In case of any issues please escalate to your bank or Chillr.
  • It says my bank hasn't partnered with Chillr. What does that mean?
    It means that your bank is not officially a partner with Chillr yet. You will only be able to receive and request payments from Chillr users connected with Partnered Bank account.
  • I'm able to receive money but I'm not able to send money. What is wrong?
    Only those users connected on Chillr via a partner bank account can both send and receive money. We are partnering with many banks as we speak! Soon you'll also be able to send and receive money through Chillr.
  • What if I have multiple bank accounts?
    Currently, you can add only one account to Chillr to send and receive money. However, you can add multiple own accounts inside Chillr to transfer funds into them.
  • How do I register my mobile number with the bank?
    Depending on which bank account you have, you just need to register your mobile number to that account. For more details, please contact your bank or visit
  • Can I see all the transactions in my bank account through Chillr?
    Yes, you can see the transactions both sent and received via Chillr in the app itself. You can find the same as part of Transaction logs in the slider menu.
  • Can I use Chillr from multiple devices?
    No, for security reasons we allow Chillr to be used only from one device.
  • How can I become a merchant?
    If you are running a business or planning to start one, you can sign up for ChillrForBusiness. Please drop in a mail to to get in touch with our business team.